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If you’ve ever been the victim of a forced entry, you may have experienced the ever growing problem of van handles being forcibly removed.

Some manufacturer’s door handles are easily smashed or broken off allowing acess to the lock mechanism behind. The manufacturers' door handles are simply not strong enough to endure much force.

The Van Lock Man can provide you with metal Slam Handles that will act as a direct replacement for your existing manufacturers handles but without the vulnerability of the standard design.


Cable Guards have been designed specifically to protect the rear off side door loom from being tampered with.

​Unfortunately, thieves have now discovered that if certain wires in the rear door loom are cut or ‘shorted’, it will actually unlock the doors of your van giving them immediate access to your vehicle. So not only have you lost the vehicle contents, but you cannot lock any of the doors until the loom is replaced.

​As a result, the demand for replacement looms from Ford has led to lengthy back order-times, sometimes up to three weeks!

​Subsequently Ford have now recalled all new Transit vans and are currently making a modification that stops the doors unlocking when the door loom is cut, however, thieves have no way of knowing which vans have been adapted and consequently will cut the wires regardless in the hope of unlocking the vehicle.

The Van Lock Man can fit a Cable Guard for you which will prevent the wires in your van from being cut. Fitting this low-tech but highly effective security device is extremely cost-effective, so why take the chance?

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